Thursday, May 28, 2015

Arrival In Tennessee

These are the pictures that the mission president mailed home, as well as a transcript of the letter he sent, informing us of Elder Alex's assignment.

Elder Swindler with President and Sister Griffen (5/19/2015)

Elder Swindler (5/19/2015)

Elder Swindler and Elder Merrill, new companions (5/19/2015)

21 May 2015

Dear Brother and Sister Swindler,

Sister Griffen and I are happy to welcome your son, Elder Alex Swindler, to the Tennessee Knoxville Mission. He arrived safely and we are grateful for his desire to come on a mission and serve the Lord.

He and the other incoming missionaries had dinner with us at the mission home and then participated in the training seminar. Before leaving for his new area, he attended his first testimony and transfer meeting where he was introduced to the mission. He has now been assigned to serve with his companion, Elder Merrill, and will be laboring in the Knoxville zone, Rockwood West area of the Tennessee Knoxville Mission.

We recommend that you send your letters and packages to the Mission Office through the U.S. Postal Service. We can forward 1st Class and Priority mail to your missionary. We cannot forward standard post, UPS, or FedEx packages and they will be held in the office until we are able to deliver them to his area. Your letters of encouragement will be a great blessing.

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Our prayers are for his success and happiness as he serves the Lord. We know that great blessings are in store for him and for you.

Warmest regards,

President Steven P. Griffin

Tennessee Knoxville Mission

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