Monday, May 16, 2016

And We're Back On Air, Folks

Hey folks!

This week was much better than last week. We actually got to see people! We saw David and Kristen again and taught them the 15 step stop smoking program. David agreed to do it but Kristen was hesitant and decided to wait until next week and see how well it works for David. We did find out that there may be some more issues than we knew about before she can be baptized but she is still willing. They could use your prayers.

We saw Brenda again, the less active we saw last Saturday. She is awesome. She's this cute spunky little old lady and I love her. She feels like she's not very close to God anymore and she wants to change that, so we taught her that it all starts with prayer (which she already does every day) and scripture study. We got her a large print set of scriptures which will help her a lot. She wants to start coming back to church, she's just really sick. She could use prayers too.

We saw Debbie, Jon's wife, again. They're both pretty sick too (they could sure use your prayers too, haha). But we were able to share a little message with her. And we saw Fred the investigator with a member and invited him to ARP.

We saw Anna too, and had a really good lesson. We used the parable of the ten virgins and talked about testimony (like the lamps in the parable) vs conversion (like the oil) - what we know vs how we live because of what we know. The bridegroom - Christ - is coming soon, and exactly when we don't know. If we do not choose to live true to that which He has given us now, the day will come and we will not be ready. We will not have oil in our lamps. It seemed to hit home for her. Whether she admits it or not, we think she secretly believes what we teach is true. She feels the Spirit and sees the fruits. She's just procrastinating praying about it because she's afraid to act. She almost agreed to pray about it this time but then she backed out and just said she'd think about it. So close!

And we taught member Fred and his new (investigator) wife Joyce at a member's home and it was really good! She is progressing really well towards baptism. She still keeps asking us why other people have such a problem with what we believe - it's all simple and true and not that different from what they believe, just a little more. It's awesome haha

And I went on an exchange with Elder Bateman! It was weird but fun to be back with him for a little while.

Aaand I'm out of time. But my message for the week is simple. I promise you that if you will take your questions or concerns or needs or whatever to the Lord in prayer, then study the scriptures for answers, you'll find guidance and answers unique to you.

I love you all!

Elder Alex Swindler


So I didn't have any pictures but then we had an awesome P day in Abingdon, VA and took a bunch of pictures so now you all have to deal with them. :)

1) Featuring Elder Bateman's tongue and my butt

2) Featuring Elder Bateman and me up a tree

3) Left to right, Elder Bateman, Sister Johnson, Elder Lambert, Elder Collins, Sister Crawford, and me.

4-5) Ehh... You can figure out who is who if you really want to haha

6-7) We were hanging out at a park in Abingdon and met a cool lady named Marilyn (pardon Sister Johnson's selfie face).

8-9) And then we met the really cool and nice police chief named Tony who gave us little badges.

10) A bonus pic of a lady attempting to ride a bike in Walmart while still trying to push her cart (#classy):

11) Also a picture of a sign at the ice cream shop we went to. Ashby's Ice Cream!!

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