Monday, April 4, 2016


Hey folks!

We had a pretty good week this week. It started out pretty good on Tuesday when we were FINALLY able to meet with a really cool part member couple named the Bartons. We've been trying to see them since Elder Lamber got here but their lives got super crazy and we haven't been able to see them. About a week or two ago I think it really came to a head for them because the wife was talking to us on the phone after we called again trying to see them, and she just started crying... So we called the nearest temple and put their names on the prayer roll, and within a week or so they said things were calming down finally and they could see us! It was a good visit too. We got to know them and then invited them to watch a session of Conference.

We also got a phone call and found out our apartment was going to be inspected by the mission office while they were in the area. So we spent a lot of time deep cleaning the place. That was fun. :P But now our apartment is much nicer so that's good.

We watched the Saturday afternoon session of conference with Anna, which was good. And before that we were talking with her, and she agreed to take a minute in private before the session and pray and ask why the Lord sent us here and why now, then look for the answer in conference. Which is awesome! She normally won't ask any questions of the Lord that are even close to whether the Gospel might be true because she's afraid of the answer she'll get. So this is progress!

And in other news, Jon is on date for baptism for May 21 and his wife is praying about being baptized! She's the one whose mother passed away last week. We talked about eternal families and temples and she said she is very interested in the idea of being with her family forever. She just wants to pray about it, which is great, because that's what we'd have asked her to do anyway. And Jon's already totally on board. He even watched a little of one of the sessions of Conference and felt like he got some guidance that he really needed. They've got word of wisdom concerns but that can be overcome, and if they feel like it's what the Lord wants for them I bet they'll be motivated enough.

Conference was awesome, of course. I got a lot of answers to personal questions and guidance for my life and concerns. The Spirit is awesome. I hope you all had a great experience too, and that you got some guidance for your own lives. If you didn't see conference, take some time to watch it! I promise you'll get some guidance from the Lord for your life, especially if you are praying and looking for it. My challenge to you this week is to reflect on the things you thought and felt, and then act on them. If you feel like you didn't get anything, or even if you did and you'd like to get even more out of conference, start watching conference again and prayerfully seek guidance from the Lord. The talks are online. I bet you have time to listen to a talk a week in the car, if nowhere else.

I love you all! The Gospel's true! The Savior lives! He can save you and change you if you will let Him. And this Church is truly led by His prophet and apostles who truly do have His authority. It's here to bless your life and help you to live more faithfully and happily.

Make yourselves a great week,

Elder Alex Swindler


1) I got new glasses!

2) A mural in downtown Bristol

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4) Elder Baird and Elder Lambert got a little lonely during the Sunday Afternoon session

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