Monday, February 15, 2016

Let Me Check My Schedule So I Can Avoid You (But I Won't Say No)

Hey folks!

I'm super late today and also pretty tired so this week's email is probably gonna be pretty short.

This week we had a few appointments fall through, which was kinda dumb. But we also got in contact with a few potential investigators and a less-active lady who said they'd be interested in meeting with us! And we tried to contact a referral again that we've been trying to see for a month, and after they didn't answer (again - even though we had an appointment) we tried the neighbors and they said they'd like us to come back! Which is great too! Only when we showed up on Sunday at the time they asked us to come, surprise! They weren't there. :P But other than that it was a fairly good week. The work here in Bristol is beginning to pick up. It's nice to start to see some fruits of our labors.

We did service on Tuesday and Friday for different members in the ward like we usually do. After the service on Friday we ended up having an epic snowball fight with the other elders that was super fun. And we saw Anna a couple times. We're focusing on helping her learn to recognize the voice and fruits of the Spirit for herself in her life. She read Alma 32 and really liked it. She read it like 2-3 times and she wants to read it some more if she has time to try to understand it better.

My message for the week is some homework, if any of y'all get the time. Dust off your copy of Preach My Gospel if you have one (or download it on the Gospel Library app, or find it on, go to chapter 4 ("How Do I Recognize and Understand the Spirit?" - an awesome chapter to study in general if you have the time), read the section called "Learn to Recognize the Promptings of the Spirit" (pg. 96-97) and do the study activity. :)

I love you all! Make yourselves a great week!

Elder Alex Swindler


1) Elder Swindler, Rooster Wrangler (from a member mom)

2-3) Good ol' Stars and Bars.

4) A member in the Abingdon, VA ward gave the Sisters some squirrel, so they decided to fry it and bring it to district meeting. It was pretty tasty.

5) "Hey Sal! Ahbaughtchyeuh truck! It's just fer you!"

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