Monday, January 18, 2016

New Investigator!

Hey folks!

I had another crazy p-day today and now I'm out of time. Sorry!

Quick updates from the week: we found a new investigator! We called an old potential investigator named Tonya and she said she'd like to have us come and meet with her and her husband Michael. When we did we found out her husband is a less-active member and has been wanting to get back into church. We taught them the Restoration and they loved it! She was crying a little, and she loved the First Vision. She saw the painting and got all excited. She has such a testimony that God does answer prayers, and she really related to Joseph Smith's question about which church to join. She accepted a soft baptismal commitment (meaning she said she would like to be baptized if she finds out for herself this is true) and she told us it all felt true. She was excited to start reading the Book of Mormon. So basically we have a golden investigator now. :) I'm super excited about her. Thank you to anyone who has been praying for us to find people to teach!

Also, we made some progress with Anna this week! She agreed to give up coffee completely. And (after a lengthy conversation and some direction from the Spirit) I think we helped her see she's come further than she thinks she has. She was willing to consider reading the Book of Mormon again, but this time with an open heart (she admits that the first time she read it she was sort of "putting it on trial" and not really opening her heart to it). She also told us she isn't sure she knows how to recognize answers and promptings from the Spirit. She's had a few powerful experiences in the past, but she knows God doesn't always talk to us that way. So I think we'll focus on that with her this week. Helping her learn to recognize the promptings of the Spirit. Hopefully we'll also help her come to the point where she can open her heart and listen for what God wants her to find. :)

Wish I had more time. For my message this week I'd just like to bear my own testimony to you that God is our loving Heavenly Father, and He really does hear and answer our prayers. Please take time to turn to Him in prayer. Maybe you haven't prayed in years or maybe you haven't missed a day in years, but I challenge you to make an extra effort to involve Him in your life (and your family's life) through prayer. Just bear your heart to Him. Tell Him about your struggles, your feelings, what's on your mind. Ask for help, for yourself and for others. Thank Him for the blessings He has given you. I promise you He is there, and I promise you that if you will do this consistently you will see a difference in your life. He is our Father, and He wants nothing more than to help us and be actively involved in our lives. And He will. But there's only so much He can do if we don't let Him in. So let Him in! Start where you are and make an effort to improve. We all have room to improve.

I love you all. :) The Gospel's true!

Elder Alex Swindler

P.S. Please remember Sister Cameron from my district in your prayers, if you would. She had a pretty nasty accident today at the trampoline park we went to and we're really hoping she won't need surgery!

1-2) Sisters Verdejo and Cameron and Elders Baird, Hopkins, Hoff, and me at the trampoline park today

3) Heheh. :)

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